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The People of Christian Power Equipment


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Nooter/Eriksen, leader in HRSG's to the website Nooter/Eriksen
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Marley Cooling Technologies
SPX Cooling Technologies -Balcke, Hamon Dry Cooling, Marley Marley Cooling Technologies
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Graham Corp.
Condensers, Ejectors, Exchangers, Vacuum Pumps Graham Corp.
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Inlet Air Chillers for Gas Turbines Stellar
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Erie City: Zurn Boiler Aftermarket Package Boilers and Hot Water Heaters Indeck Power
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Steam Turbines & Generators TGM
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Eco Tec
Demineralizers, Filters, Reverse Osmosis Eco Tec
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Curtis Wright Flow Control Company, EST Group
Pipe & Tube Plugs, Sleeving, Heat Exchangers Curtis Wright Flow Control Company, EST Group
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Clyde-Bergemann & Copes-Vulcan
Sootblowers, Water Cannons Clyde-Bergemann & Copes-Vulcan
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Clyde Bergemann - Delta Ducon - CBDD
Ash and Material Handling Clyde Bergemann - Delta Ducon - CBDD
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Rotary Valve Data Sheet
Clyde Bergemann - Bachmann - CBBA
Expansion Joints and Dampers Clyde Bergemann - Bachmann - CBBA
Clyde Bergemann - Anthony-Ross
Overfire Air Systems Clyde Bergemann - Anthony-Ross
Igniters, Scanners, CEMS & Burners Forney
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Enviro Chem Systems
Mist Eliminators, Dynawave Scrubbers Enviro Chem Systems
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Fluid Engineering
Strainers: Pipeline Fluid Engineering
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Jensen Mixers International
Mixers: Side Entry Jensen Mixers International
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Waters Equipment
Condensate / Water Sampling Waters Equipment
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Petroleum Tank Drain Lines and Fire Protection Technip/Coflexip
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CEMTEK Environmental
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Electrostatic Precipitators, Baghouses, Scrubbers
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 Piping Support Group
Nitrogen Generators
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Plant Auctions
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Lenox Instruments, (Furnace Camera and Boerscopes) Lenox
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